The Eye Group is the first place we turn to when we want to expand our staff. We depend on them for their prompt attention and accurate assessment of potential candidates. They have a knack for making a good match.

Paul Koch, MD
Koch Eye Associates
Providence, Rhode Island

As you know, any search firm--and for that matter any practice--can fill the easy positions in favored markets. The most difficult and timely assignments require the extra push rendered by search firms. There are only a handful of search firms devoted to eye care. I have worked closely with The Eye Group for many, many years, and now refer exclusively to the firm. In my experience and the experience of my clients, this is the best search/placement organization in our industry. After scores of tough, tough placements, I know that if anyone can fill a position, The Eye Group can. That does not mean in today's increasingly competitive placement world that The Eye Group has a magic wand, but they come as close as I've found in this sector to magic, and in my experience, this team will work their hearts out for you.

John Pinto, J. Pinto and Associates, Inc.

I have worked with The Eye Group for over 20 years throughout which she has been integral to the assemblage of the Center for Sight team, now 26 providers strong. We demand first round draft picks and The Eye Group delivers. If you are serious about building a world class company, you need to employ a world class recruiter. I recommend The Eye Group unqualifiedly.

David Shoemaker, MD, Founder and Director of Cataract and Lens Replacement Surgery
Center For Sight
Sarasota, FL

Our Group has found The Eye Group to be a great resource for finding just the right candidates for jobs we are searching to fill. We have filled a number of spots with candidates they have provided and are pleased with the results.

Julie Cleeland, CEO
Eye-Q Vision
Fresno, CA

“When it comes to physician recruitment, we’ve depended on The Eye Group for the better part of the past two decades. They go beyond just sending CV’s of potential applicants; Lauren and Amelia take the time to get to know your practice and it’s culture, and then work to match appropriate candidates based on their specific professional and personal goals. Physician recruitment is a competitive and expensive undertaking, and having an experienced partner you can depend on is invaluable. I whole heartedly recommend The Eye Group as your partner.”

John Swencki, CEO
The Eye Associates
Bradenton, FL


I am writing on behalf of The Eye Group. They helped me find an outstanding job opportunity. They are exceptionally insightful and have a knack of finding proper fits for job applicants and their employers. They go far beyond what most physician recruiters do and tries to insure good fits for all involved. They gave honest appraisals of different practice settings and also present their applicants as accurately as they possibly can. Having worked with them both as a recruitee and a recruiter, I can honestly say they are the finest recruitment firm that I have had the opportunity to know. For them, finding proper matches goes far beyond a financial transaction. The Eye Group sincerely desires to create a happy marriage that will insure the success of not only the applicant but the practice as well. I would give The Eye Group my highest recommendation as a recruitment firm. I see them as my guardian angel.

Steven Vold, MD - Glaucoma Specialist

The Eye Group from a candidate's perspective has been profoundly effective at finding multiple near perfect matches to choose from when deciding from the myriad of practice opportunities. The people at the Eye Group are authentic, honest and work tirelessly in the best interests of all parties to get the right people on the right teams to meet all of their interests; I highly recommend working with them to find just what any ophthalmologist--retina or otherwise--would want in any practice situation. I certainly suspect the best offer will be with someone introduced via the Eye Group. In any case, for those who do not end up contracting into a practice situation so arranged, I highly doubt that anyone would view the experience in working with them unhelpful regardless of the ultimate outcome of their search for the right practice situation. I can not speak more highly of those at the Eye Group.

George Peters, MD - Retina Specialist

Thank you so much! You were instrumental in making it happen. I really appreciate all your help. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Hasan Bahrani, MD - Retina Specialist

The Eye Group is the most awesome recruitment firm I am aware of!!

Mark Torres, MD - General Ophthalmologist

I would like to thank you very much for helping find a job which is a perfect fit for me and my family. Thanks again for the great work you did.

Kirk Sturridge, MD

Thanks for everything. I owe it all to The Eye Group that I am now part of my dream practice. I will let all of my colleagues know that The Eye Group is the one to see.

Chad Tisdale, OD

The Eye Group is totally committed to the success of both the candidates and the practices. They have an outstanding ability to make sure that practices and candidates “connect” and they work tirelessly to help candidates find a good “fit” both personally and professionally. I feel fortunate to have had access to their experience and expertise over the years and highly recommend them to practices and candidates alike.

Shawn Khan, MD, MBA

The Eye Group was instrumental in helping me obtain the "dream job"! The Eye Group takes an individualized approach to marry the applicants needs/desires with the appropriate retina only or multispecialty group.

Courtney Crawford MD FACS - Retina Specialist

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